Urs Hölzle Net Worth

Urs Hölzle Net Worth
Let’s see down below what is Urs Hölzle’s net worth:
NET WORTH: $2 Million
Born: Sweden
Last Update: June 2021

Who is Urs Hölzle?

Urs Hölzle is a Swiss software engineer and tech executive. He is the senior vice president of technical infrastructure and Google Fellow at Google. He was Google’s eighth employee and its first VP of Engineering, so he has contributed a lot to the company’s development processes and infrastructure. Hölzle was elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering in 2013 for contributions to the design, operation, and energy efficiency of large-scale data centers.

Urs Hölzle on social media

Urs has amassed 15k followers on Twitter as of July 2021. 

Urs Hölzle Quotes

“Every developer will want to live in this world…and it’s our job to build it.”
“Start-up should focus on innovation not on building on infrastructure. Thanks to Google cloud service they can.”

As far as we know, Urs Hölzle’s net wealth is around $2 million.

Before working for Google, Hölzle was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of California, Santa Barbara. 


He got a master’s degree in computer science from ETH Zurich in 1988 and was awarded a Fulbright scholarship that same year. In 1994, he earned a Ph.D. from Stanford University, researching programming languages and their efficient implementation.

His contributions

He led areas such as operations, search, and Gmail, but he’s best known for his work leading the infrastructure systems underpinning Google’s applications, and for their focus on both efficiency and scalability. 
He led the design of Google’s efficient data centers, helping them to use less than half the power of a conventional data center.
For his contributions to the design, operation, and energy efficiency of large-scale data centers, he was elected into the National Academy of Engineering in 2013.

According to the data we have, Urs Hölzle’s has a net worth that’s around $2 million.

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