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Olof K. Gustafsson Net Worth

together with Roberto Escobar

How rich is Olof K. Gustafsson?

NET WORTH: $50 Million
Age: 27 years old
Birthday: 14 May 1993
Born: Ekerö, Sweden
Full name:
Olof Kyros Gustafsson
Last Update: April 2021

Who is Olof K. Gustafsson?

Olof is a Swedish businessman who is popular as CEO of Escobar Inc., co-owned by Roberto Escobar, Pablo Escobar’s brother (the famous Medellin Cartel kingpin).

He did not reach this impressive net worth overnight. While other kids were playing, he was making his first steps in business. Yeah, he was only 13 and he sold comics online.

Four years later, aged 17, he was the owner of 4 companies.

Olof K. Gustafsson and Donald Trump

In 2016, he helped candidate Donald Trump get followers on social media, while 3 years later he launched a $50 million GoFundMe fundraiser for the president’s impeachment, alongside Roberto Escobar. 


As of 2021, Olof K. Gustafsson’s net worth is around $50 million.

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Photo source: Twitter

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