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MrBallen Net Worth

MrBallen Net Worth

How rich is MrBallen?

Age: 32 years old (as of June 2021)
Birthday: 01 October 1988
Born: Quincy, Massachusetts
Sign: Libra
Last Update: June 2021

Who is MrBallen?

MrBallen is just a nickname he uses on social media (he uses also johnballen416 on Instagram, while his fans call him the king of spook), as his real name is John Allen. Before getting really popular on the platform of the moment (TikTok), he served as a Navy SEAL (2012-2017).

He is now using his social media accounts, especially Youtube and TikTok to tell the avid public incredible scary stories.

MrBallen’s Body Measurements

As far as we know, the famous TikToker is around 6ft tall (182cm) and he weighs 75 kilos (165lbs).

MrBallen’s Family

He has 3 kids (two daughters and a son) with his wife Amanda.

Social data

He’s got 2.8M subscribers on Youtube, 211k followers on Instagram, 7.7M fans & 186M likes on TikTok, and 14k fans on Twitter.


He went to the University of Massachusetts in 2006, but gave up after one semester and later became a Navy Seal.

MrBallen’s Favorite Quotes

Please gently incinerate the Like button.

I would encourage you to steal the Like button’s favorite bar of soap, cover it in clear nail varnish and then put it back, and laugh at the Like button when their soap doesn’t lather



As of 2021, MrBallen‘s net worth is around … oops, we miss the data, please help us 😉

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Photo source: Instagram

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