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Joan Laporta Net Worth

Joan Laporta Net Worth

How rich is Joan Laporta?

NET  WORTH: $15 Million
Age: 58
Birthday: June 29, 1962
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain
Height: 5ft 7in tall (170cm)
Real name: Joan Laporta i Estruch
Net worth source: Politics, law, soccer
Last Update: April 2021

Joan Laporta is a Spanish lawyer politician and the president of the football club Barcelona.
He has his own company called Laporta & Arbós. Between 2010 and 2012 he was MP in the Parliament of Catalonia.

In 2009, the club FC Barcelona broke the record for the number of trophies won in a year (six trophies).

In 2012, he was elected as President of the club for the second time.

Political career

Laporta became member of the Independence Party in 1996, being a supporter of Catalan independence from Spain.

Later, he formed the party Democràcia Catalana (Catalan Democracy), which is part of the movement Catalan Solidarity for Independence. This one includes other small parties that fight for the independence of Catalonia, and Joan Laporta presides it. 

Family and personal life

He was married to Constanza Echevarría and has three sons: Pol, Guillem and Jan. Pol Laporta is a soccer player (attacking midfielder).

Joan Laporta on social media

The president of Barça has 558k fans on Instagram, and 363k followers on Twitter as of April 2021.

Joan Laporta top quotes

“It’ll be a great final between the two teams that have played the best football over the season in Europe. I’m especially pleased with the happiness that is being felt by all Barca fans.” – Joan Laporta


As of 2021, Joan Laporta’s net worth is estimated to be $15M.

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