Hans Snook Net Worth (2022)

How rich is businessman Hans Roger Snook in 2022? Let’s find out in the article down below:

NET WORTH: N/A for 2022 *
Age: 73 years old (as of January 2022)
Birthday: May 26, 1948
Born: Dissen, Germany
Last Update: January 2022

Who is Hans Snook?

Hans Roger Snook was born in Germany, but he’s a British citizen, and has founded, alongside Graham Howe the mobile phone company Orange. He has also been its CEO.

We do not have any data on Hans Snook’s net worth as of 2022, but Hans himself declared back in 2009 that he was worth £40 million ($55 million) after selling Orange.


He is a British citizen just as his father, while his mother is German. 


He worked in Calgary for six years in the area of hotel management. In 1983, he became the CEO of a paging business in Hong Kong. 

In 1992 he came back to the UK and started working on launching a big mobile phone firm. We are talking here about the famous ORANGE. It happened two years later (in April 1994).

In October 1999, the company was acquired by Mannesmann of Germany  and a few years later by France Télécom.

In 2001 he became a special advisor to Orange, stepping down from the executive position.

In 2002, Snook became a director of The Diagnostic Clinic Ltd, providing health screening linked to alternative medicine.


He went to the University of British Columbia.

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The famous entrepreneur Hans Snook has definitely a 9+ figure net worth in 2022, but we do not know exactly? Do you? Please comment below. We might just help telling you that Snook’s wealth in 2009 was $55 million.

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