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Amr Awadallah Net Worth

Amr Awadallah net worth
Let’s see down below what is Amr Awadallah’s net worth:
NET WORTH: $5 Million
Age: 50 years old (as of July 2021)
Birthday: October 1tst, 1970
Born: Cairo, Egypt
Last Update: July 2021

Who is Amr Awadallah?

Amr Awadallah is a 50-year-old American computer scientist who was born in Egypt. He is well known for co-founding Cloudera, a platform for data management and analytics, built on the Apache Hadoop framework. He is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the company. He started his entrepreneur life with one of his friends, Thai Tran, by making the comparison shopping engine for books BookSmart (to be called later VivaSmart). The service was bought in 2000 by Yahoo! for $8.9 million and thus Amr and Thai became part of the company, as Vice President of Product Intelligence Engineering. In 2019Awadallah became VP of developer relations at Google Cloud, but was fired in 2021 after a Linkedin post related to Jewish people where he claims that he no longer hates them.


Amr graduated in Cairo University’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering (at the top of his class, getting a BS and MS) and after that he was accepted at Stanford University (PhD in Electrical Engineering).

Amr Awadallah on social media

The co-founder of Cloudera has reached 21k followers on Twitter as of July 2021.

Amr Awadallah Quotes

“I hated the Jewish people, all the Jewish people”! and emphasis here is on the past tense. Yes, I was anti-Semitic, even though I am a Semite, as this term broadly refers to the peoples who speak Semitic languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew, among others.”

As far as we know, Amr Awadallah’s net wealth is around $5 million.

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